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How do I care for my leather bag?

Using a clean, slightly damp cloth, gently wipe down your leather to remove any visible grim or dirt so nothing gets caught in the leather pores. Allow to air-dry. Do not dry using and external sources of heat like ovens of hair dryers. 


How do I remove scuffs from my leather bag?

For small scuffs or wear marks, simply rub your thumb or finger along the cleft between your nose and nostril for a bit of oil. With light pressure, rub the spot on your cover in a circular motion. The scuff should darken and become less evident. 

Scratching and damage can occur while using any leather product, so please be sure to use your items with care. KAEIU is not responsible for damage caused by normal wear and tear, such as scratching or staining on light-colored bags.


My bag has some variations. Is this normal?

Leather is a natural hide and some pieces may have variations in the material. This is characteristic of the raw material and should not be considered an imperfection, but rather a unique indicator that your bag is of the highest quality. Creasing in some items is unavoidable during manufacturing and shipment, but should diminish as you use the bag.


How should I store my bag?

When not in use, please be sure to store in a cool, dry area in the dustbag provided with your purchase. In the event that your bag gets wet, please be sure to air dry before further use or storage.


Is the lining water repellent?

Yes, to clean any spills or mess inside of your bag, simply wipe down with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.


Does my bag come with your signature Repel mat (water repellent mat) and stroller clips?

The exclusive Repel mat is a distinctive feature of the Loop Tote, Cooper Backpack, and BFP Fanny styles. Additionally, the Loop Tote and Cooper Backpack are equipped with both the signature Repel mat and convenient stroller clips.