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Our Story


Hi, Maria Lee-Heller here, founder of KAEIU. The KAEIU bag was conceived out of a dream to become a mother. I, like many of us, struggled with infertility. They were difficult years, but during that time I channeled my energy into creating the most functional and versatile bag out there. Parenthood is one aspect of a person’s life, but certainly not the only one. We have careers, we travel, and we leisure. My goal was was to design bags that seamlessly transitioned between all of these areas. I chose leather as a material for its beauty, durability, and ability to age gracefully. I love that time and usage moulds this material into a shape that is unique to each wearer.

I have put the utmost care into the design of my products and hope you will wear your KAEIU bag with care. When you are done, please consider continuing its life cycle by selling, donating, or giving it to another person in need.   

Did you know that every item of clothing/accessory you have ever owned came in a single use plastic bag? At KAEIU, we are committed to reducing plastic waste. Our bags are never individually packaged in poly bags from our manufacturers to your door. You will receive your bag in our 100% cotton custom printed boobie dust bag.
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