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Our Story


Hello, I'm Maria Lee-Heller, the heart behind KAEIU. My journey to motherhood was a winding road marked by the trials of infertility. In those challenging years, I found solace and inspiration to create something meaningful. Thus, the KAEIU bag was born — a testament to resilience, dreams, and the beauty that can emerge from adversity.

Beyond the struggles of parenthood, I recognized the multifaceted nature of our lives. We juggle parenting, careers, embark on adventures, and relish moments of leisure. With this realization, my vision for KAEIU evolved: I aspired to craft bags that effortlessly traverse between these diverse facets of life.

Choosing leather as the core material was intentional — a nod to its timeless beauty, durability, and the graceful way it weathers the passage of time. Like life itself, leather molds into a unique expression shaped by experiences.

Every stitch in KAEIU is a labor of love, a meticulous effort to ensure functionality meets elegance. My hope is that your KAEIU bag becomes a cherished companion, aging gracefully alongside you and adapting to the rich tapestry of your life's journey. Embrace it with love and care, for in each wear, a story unfolds — a story that intertwines with yours, making every KAEIU bag uniquely yours.


Did you know that every item of clothing/accessory you have ever owned came in a single use plastic bag? At the heart of our brand lie our core values, guiding every stitch and detail of our creations. Embracing sustainability, we repurpose remnants and deadstock leathers, breathing new life into materials that would otherwise go to waste. We believe in quality over quantity, embracing small-batch production to maintain the highest standards. Our dedication to the environment extends beyond our bags – we shun plastic packaging in favor of eco-friendly alternatives. Additionally, we take pride in being produced by a woman founded/owned manufacturer, celebrating the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity in every aspect of our brand's journey.